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6 Must-Have Burger Recipes for #BurgerMonth

May 1, 2018

All the burger recipes you need for National Burger Month!

Bust out the grill – patio season is officially here! May is National Burger Month, which means it’s the perfect time to declare your “grill master” status by grilling up crave-worthy burgers using delicious mushrooms.

For our carnivore friends, blended burgers are the burger gold standard! To make a flavor-filled blended burger, finely chop your favorite mushrooms (we like using a blender to get the texture to match the ground meat), blend with your choice of ground meat, and cook to sizzling perfection. Mushrooms are perfect for adding to your favorite burger recipe because they increase the moisture and volume of each patty without adding loads of calories and saturated fat.

Thanks to mushrooms, burger month isn’t only for meat eaters! Vegetarians can swap a traditional burger patty for a meaty portabella mushroom. With its deep, meat-like texture and flavor, portabellas are a delicious alternative burger. Whether you choose a blended burger or a meatless portabella, mushrooms bring bold burger flavor that is unmatched. Now throw on your apron and fire up the grill!

Join the May #BlenditarianChallenge
Make the most of National Burger Month by joining the May Blenditarian Challenge! To enter, use The Blend (mushrooms and ground meat) to create your favorite burger patty. Then turn up the heat and get creative with your toppings. You could win $250 just for participating!!

Ready, set, take the May Blenditarian Challenge today!

Burger Recipes for National Burger Month

National Burger Month

Mighty Mushroom Blended Burger

Behind every blended burger stands the mighty mushroom. Top with crisp veggies and gooey cheese for a real palate pleaser!

Burger Recipes

Mini Mushroom Burger

Marinated grilled portabella mushrooms are the stars of these mini delights. Slide one over!

Burger Recipes

Mediterranean Blended Burger

Are you (and your taste buds) craving a vacation? Look no further – all the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean sits atop this juicy, blended patty.

Burger Recipes

Blended Chicken Cheeseburgers

Finely chopped mushrooms and lean ground chicken blend seamlessly for a lighter alternative to a traditional beef burger.

Burger Recipes

Portabella Mushroom BBQ Burger

A hearty portabella mushroom topped with crunchy coleslaw makes this burger all around tasty.

Burger Recipes

Blended Burger with Avocado and Pickled Onions

This juicy blended burger is topped with creamy avocado and tangy pickled onions, making it a #BurgerMonth must!

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    • We had a blast watching chefs from all around compete in the World Food Championship's Burger Battle this weekend! 🍔Shout out to @makemyleftover for her delicious #blendedburger created in the signature round and making it to the top ten round. 🙌Swipe ➡️to see who took home the $10,000 grand prize!