Here. There. Everywhere. Everyone's Exploring Mushrooms!

September is National Mushroom Month! We’re celebrating by sharing recipes, restaurants and more. Scroll down to find mushroom-friendly resources where you live. Or make your travel plans all about mushrooms. They’re here, there and everywhere!

Here. There. Everywhere. Northeast

Hot Pastrami on Rye with Sautéed Mushrooms

Explore the deliciousness of this Northeast-inspired Pastrami on Rye with Sautéed Mushrooms created by @peaches2peaches.

'Shrooms on Weck

‘Shrooms on Weck

Inspired by a sandwich made famous in Buffalo, New York, this ‘Shrooms on Weck is an easy-to-make, meatless version that delivers the flavors of the Northeast no matter where you are.

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There is a mushroom capital of the world.

It’s true! Head to Kennett Square in Pennsylvania to see it yourself.

Here. There. Everywhere. Midwest

Midwest Mushroom Recipe

Nothing says “Midwest” like a hotdish. Explore this Midwest favorite with a vegetarian twist using mushrooms, created by @forkinthekitchen.

Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati Chili

Typically served over top spaghetti or hot dogs, Cincinnati Chili is not your traditional chili! Put a twist on this Midwest favorite by using The Blend for added flavor and nutrition.

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Mushrooms are grown indoors 24/7/365

They can grow virtually anywhere since they don’t need light to grow.

Here. There. Everywhere. West

West Mushroom Recipe

Explore the flavors of the West in this al pastor taco recipe featuring meaty portabella mushrooms, created by @loveinmybelly.

Taco Pizza

Taco Pizza

Nothing beats a taco…unless it’s taco pizza. This version of Taco Pizza delivers the savory flavors of the West and packs in the umami by using The Blend in the meat topping.

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Mushrooms Are Considered “One of the most sustainably produced foods in the US”

It’s true! They require minimal water and energy and generate very few CO2 equivalent emissions.

Here. There. Everywhere. South

South Mushroom Recipe

Southern comfort at its finest. Explore the rich flavors of this southern-inspired recipe featuring hearty mushrooms, created by @cara_melized.

Chicken Fried (Mushroom) Steaks

Chicken Fried (Mushroom) Steaks

Try these lightened up chicken fried “steaks” using meaty portabella mushrooms. They’re savory, satisfying and will do your gravy proud!

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Mushrooms are so unique they're their own kingdom!

They’re not classified as a fruit or vegetable, but as fungi, which are so distinct in nature they are classified separate from plants or animals.