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Fall in Love with Mushrooms

February 1, 2019

While everyone else is making Valentine’s Day plans, make plans to treat your tastebuds. We’re talking delicious, savory, love-at-first-sight dishes.

To start, close your eyes and think of one of your favorite foods (other than mushrooms). Picture cooking with it and imagine the way it smells and tastes. Got it? Now add savory, meaty mushrooms to the mix. Boom! Even better, right? Umami-packed mushrooms amplify and add delectable flavor to all of our favorite foods.

This month, pair your favorite ingredients with mushrooms and watch the magic happen.

What are your favorite mushroom pairings? Share the love by posting your recipes to social media and tagging @MushroomCouncil.

Fall in love with mushrooms by trying some of these delicious pairings.

Mushroom Pairing Recipes

Mushrooms + Chickpeas = Hummus Toast with Marinated Mushrooms
Top your toast with nutty hummus and tangy marinated mushrooms for a hearty breakfast or light lunch.


Mushrooms + Tomatoes = Mushroom Pasta Sauce
This mix of savory mushrooms, fragrant herbs and juicy tomatoes gently simmers for 3 hours, resulting in a rich and flavorful sauce for topping your pasta.

mushroom over meat

Mushrooms + Steak = Broiled Top Sirloin Steak with Sautéed Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms
Is there a more classic pairing than steak and mushrooms? Answer: no. Top tender sirloin with a blend of butter-sautéed mushrooms – we promise it’ll be love at first bite.

Mushrooms + Avocados = Mushroom Avocado Toast
This open-faced sandwich comes together quickly – and disappears just as fast! Pile caramelized mushroom atop creamy avocado slices then sprinkle with cheese and micro greens.


Mushrooms + Peanuts = Portabella Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Seasoned and grilled portabella caps dipped in spicy peanut sauce are savory, satisfying and shareable. It doesn’t get any easier – or delicious.

[The Blend]

Mushrooms + Ground Pork = Classic Stuffed Mushrooms
Just in time for National Stuffed Mushroom Day (February 4). Whip up this classic dish using The Blend: zesty sausage + chopped mushrooms. Combine with creamy cheese, stuff and bake.

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