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Share Your Favorite Fungi for The Day of the Mushroom

April 12, 2018

Hooray – April 16th is Mushroom Day! To celebrate, we are sharing our fungi facts about some of our favorite mushroom varieties. Which mushroom variety is your favorite (can you even choose)?

Fun(gi) Facts:

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White Button: Representing 90 percent of mushrooms consumed in the United States, this variety blends well with most ingredients and its flavor intensifies when cooked.
Day of the Mushroom Button Mushrooms
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Crimini: This variety goes by many names: crimini, baby bellas, and browns. Although similar to white buttons in appearance, criminis offer a deeper, heartier flavor.
Mushroom Day Criminis
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Portabella: Did you know hearty portabellas can measure up to six inches in diameter? This variety is also big on flavor, making them ideal for vegetarian alternatives such as ‘burgers’ fresh off the grill.
Mushroom Day Portabellas
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Shiitake: This variety offers a variety of nutrients needed for a healthier you. Plus, their meaty texture and woodsy flavor are ideal for punching up your favorite recipes.
Mushroom Day Shiitakes
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Oyster: Oysters are as delicious as they are beautiful! This variety can be gray, pale yellow, pink or even blue, with a velvety texture.
Mushroom Day Oysters
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Enoki: Known for their long, spindly stems, this variety contains more than 300 mg of potassium and more than 2 grams of fiber per serving!
Mushroom Day Enoki
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Beech: Best enjoyed cooked, beech mushrooms add a nutty flavor and crunchy texture to stir-fries.
Mushroom Day Beech
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Maitake: This variety is delicious on the plate and light on the palate with only 26 calories per 3-oz serving! Add maitake (commonly referred to as “Hen of the Woods”) to your meals for a rich, woodsy flavor.
mushroom day Maitake
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*For more information: Get To Know Your ‘Shrooms + Mushroom Nutrition

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  1. Is it national mushroom day?

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