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The Best Burgers You’ll Ever Eat (Made with Mushrooms!)

May 1, 2019

It’s National Burger Month, which means we are sharpening our knives, firing up the grills and getting ready for a month-long celebration of one of America’s greatest dishes: the burger (ranked #2 only behind Thanksgiving dinner).

The burger is comfort food at its finest, and with so many customizations there’s a burger for everyone.

  • Vegetarian? Check.
  • Meat lover? Check.
  • Cheese, toppings, buns: Check, check, check.

One thing that we think everyone can agree on: adding mushrooms to the mix only makes a burger better. Whether meatless or classic, adding mushrooms means a meatier, juicier burger.

Win $25K: Blended Burger Contest

Mushroom lovers, have you tried a blended burger yet? Blended burgers are like any other burger you would make, but with finely chopped fresh mushrooms blended into the patty. It’s a simple way to add more of our favorite fungi into our favorite foods.

This month, make and share your custom blended burger recipe in our Blended Burger Contest for a chance to win $25,000. Use the blended burger recipes below as inspiration and start blending!

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Best Burger Recipes

Grilled: Grilled Portabella Burgers with Garlic Mayo
Marinate portabella mushrooms in a homemade barbecue spice mix and grill until tender. Serve with sweet grilled red onions, savory garlic and chive mayonnaise.

Classic: Mighty Mushroom Blended Burger
Nothing beats a classic. Upgrade yours by blending finely chopped mushrooms with your choice of ground meat (we recommend a 25% mushroom to 75% meat ratio). The only question: which toppings will you choose?


Full Veg: Mushroom Veggie Burger
Satisfy your appetite for a veggie burger that’s easy and healthy. Serve like a regular burger, on a fresh roll with your favorite condiments.


Bunless: Blended Bison and Mushroom Burgers
Keep it lean but juicy by blending mushrooms with bison. Serve bun-free for a protein-packed meal.

Handheld: Mini Mushroom Burgers
Tiny but mighty, grilled portabella mushrooms are the stars of these meaty mini burgers – small bites that taste just right.



Loaded: Shiitake Pork Burger with Banh Mi Slaw
We love a flavor-bomb of a burger. Infuse umami in your grill game with a pork-shiitake blended patty topped with banh mi slaw and served on a brioche bun.

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    • *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* It’s #NationalBurgerMonth and we are celebrating by upgrading the traditional burger with two simple swaps. 
1: Swap 25% of the ground meat in your burger for finely chopped mushrooms. Same texture, more flavor! 
2: Swap your typical tomato with a slice of grilled watermelon. A burst of juicy flavor in every bite! A juicier, more flavorful burger: score! 🍉🍔🍄
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