Mushroom 101

How Mushrooms Grow

The mighty mushroom has a unique and fascinating production process. Grown indoors on a year-round cycle, mushrooms always pack a nutritious punch into your favorite meals. Before they make their way to your plate, mushrooms go through a growing process in a highly controlled environment unlike that of any other produce item.

Raw Materials

The substrate provides a nutritional balance of organic material to serve as a growth medium for mushrooms.


Mushroom spawn, purchased from commercial labs, is mixed with the substrate.


The mushroom spawn mixture is transferred to several hundred beds or trays.

Casing and Pinning

Casing, made of peat moss, is spread over the mushroom bed serving as a reservoir to hold in moisture. During the pinning stage, “pins” of mushrooms push up through the casing.


Mushrooms are harvested by hand throughout a 16-35 day cycle.

Fungi Growing Facts

Mushrooms grow indoors 24/7/365
Unlike green plants, mushrooms don’t need light to grow
Mushrooms double in size every day

Time Lapse: Mushrooms Growing

Watch the fascinating fungi growing process over just six days!

Play Video: Time Lapse: Mushrooms Growing

Growing the Varieties

Mushrooms are one of the most uniquely grown produce.

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