The Mushroom Council has spent more than a decade investing in scientific research to better understand the nutritional benefits of mushrooms. Following are fact sheets that address some of today’s most relevant nutrition topics from weight management to sustainability.

General Nutrition

Mushrooms: A Food for a Better Mood

Mushrooms are an excellent source of niacin, a nutrient shown to improve mood disorders.

General Nutrition

Mushroom Nutrition At A Glance

A fact sheet that gives an overview of mushrooms’ nutritional benefits.

General Nutrition

Feed Your Immune System

A fact sheet that takes a closer look at the nutrients found in mushrooms.

General Nutrition

Just Add Mushrooms

Multiply the flavor and nutrients of your favorite dishes just by adding mushrooms.

General Nutrition

Versatility in Varieties

A guide to common mushroom varieties, their attributes and nutritional values.

The Blend

Flavor-Enhancing Properties of Mushrooms

A study from the Culinary Institute of America and University of California-Davis, published in the Journal of Food Science, found that blending finely chopped mushrooms with ground meat enhances flavor and nutrition.

The Blend

The Better-For-You-Blend

With The Blend, it’s never been easier to enjoy healthier versions of your favorite recipes without sacrificing taste and texture.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D Fact Sheet

A fact sheet about mushrooms and vitamin D, including the health impact and risks associated with vitamin D deficiency.

General Nutrition

How Mushrooms Fit into Popular Diets

A cheat sheet to help navigate where mushrooms fit into everything from Keto and low FODMAP to Volumetrics and Flexitarian.

General Nutrition

Mushrooms: The Perfect Partner in a Gluten-Free Diet

Understanding what is gluten free and what isn’t can take research and time. Simply said, like all fruits and vegetables, mushrooms are naturally gluten free and make a delicious and nutritious addition to a gluten-free diet.

Weight Management

Manage Your Weight with Mushrooms

A fact sheet about how eating mushrooms can help manage weight and contribute to overall health and wellness.


Healthy on the Plate, Gentle on the Planet

The Mushroom Sustainability Story: The lines between health and sustainability are beginning to blur. A healthy diet should include food choices that respect future accessibility to nutritious food and overall global health.

Sodium Reduction

Cut the Sodium with Mushrooms

A 2014 study from the Culinary Institute of America and a University of California-Davis study found you can maintain flavor while reducing sodium intake with mushrooms.

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