Anatomy of a Blended Burger 🍔 (Plus a Chance to Win $10K for Making One!)

April showers bring May…dollars? It’s National Burger Month and today marks the official kick-off of the third-annual Blended Burger Contest – and your chance to win $10,000! 

Two tracks, $20,000 in prizes: This year, we’re calling all home cooks and professionals* to get creative in the kitchen and take the iconic burger to the next level. One home cook will win $10K and one professional will win $10K.

Hungry to learn how you can get in on the prize?

Step 1: Develop your very own blended burger recipe made with at least 25% chopped cultivated mushrooms.** Creativity and out of the box ideas are totally welcome here!

Step 2: Enter your recipe and a recipe photo using the official entry form at

Step 3 (Optional): Post your burger photo on Instagram using #BlendedBurgerContest and share more about your burger. We’d love to see what you’re cookin’ up!

You have until June 25 to cook up your best rendition of a blended burger. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges and narrowed down to two winning recipes, one home cook winner and one professional winner who will have their burgers photographed and featured in the November issue of Food Network Magazine.

To get you inspired, we have a breakdown on how to choose the right ingredients for your #BlendedBurger.

Anatomy of Blended Burger 

The Bun

With plenty of bun options to choose from, consider a bun that complements your burger toppings. For example, a pretzel bun pairs deliciously with Swiss cheese. Going a more “green” route? A Lettuce Wrapped Blended Burger might be something to consider!

The Toppings

Ketchup or mustard? Cheddar or American cheese? Lettuce or arugula? It’s clear the possibilities are, well, endless! This is your time to show off and shine, as toppings are an easy way to make your burgers customizable. Not to mention, it’s a great way to incorporate flavors from around the world, like this Italian-inspired Chicken Parm Blend Burger.

The Patty 

The most important step of all. A blended burger combines finely chopped mushrooms and ground meat to make a juicier, more delicious burger patty. Just as you can customize the rest of your burger, The Blend isn’t limited to one mushroom variety or one protein; experiment and choose your favorites. Get started with a Classic Blended Burger made with crimini mushrooms and ground beef.

Show us your perfect blended burger and enter it for a chance to win $10,000 at

*A professional is anyone who has been employed to develop, cook or commercialize recipes in any manner, including chefs, food preparation professionals, cookbook authors and food product developers.

**Eligible mushroom varieties include store-bought white button, crimini, portabella, shiitake, oyster, enoki, beech, maitake, trumpet and lion’s mane.

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    1. We will be announcing on our blog in a few days, but you can also find the winning burgers and names in the November issue of Food Network which is on news stands now!

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