If Mushrooms Were Guests At Your Dinner Table

This year, holiday planning probably requires more coordination of FaceTime calls and Zoom links than ETAs and table settings, but the holiday season is still special nonetheless. While our living rooms will likely have smaller crowds and more faces on screens, we got to thinking of the good old days. You know, when you could hug anyone you wanted and jam your big family around the same table. All that reminiscing had us thinking: What would it be like if mushrooms were guests at our dinner tables? 

We considered everything we know about each variety, including their Zodiac signs, to determine their stereotypical holiday dinner party role, and the results are pretty spot on and hilarious! Which mushroom are you at family gatherings? 

Grandpa Button 
Classic & Loyal 
Ensures all family traditions happen and everyone is well fed and cared for.

Grammy Oyster
Delicate & Mystical
Welcomes everyone into her home for the holidays and is the keeper of all family secrets and stories.

Uncle Shiitake
Practical & Intense
Isn’t afraid to talk politics and asks you when you’re getting married even though you’re still single. 

Aunt Trumpet
Happy & Energetic  
Is especially excited to see the whole family together and engages each guest in kind conversation. 

Cousin Crimini
Joyful & Reliable
The party doesn’t start until crimini walks in! But you know they’ll be on time.

Mother Maitake
Adventurous & Unique
Clearly marches to the beat of her own drum, bringing unique yet delicious dishes to share and offering up ideas for new traditions. 

Brother Beech
Innovative & Versatile
Super handy and versatile, you can count on them to come up with a quick fix in a time of crisis. Whether something is burning, broken or malfunctioning, they’ll know what to do.

Sister Portabella 
Ambitious & Bold
Flies in from the big city and impresses everyone with her fancy job and stories of elaborate travel. 

Any of these personalities sound familiar? Include real mushrooms in your holiday celebrations with these delicious, festive recipes

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