Holiday Help from Mushrooms

The twinkling lights. The sparkling snow. The festive parties. There’s a lot to love about the holidays, but we know all the family gatherings and seasonal soirées can also get overwhelming. Fortunately, you have an ally: the mighty mushroom! 

With a rich, earthy flavor, meaty texture and many nutritional benefits, mushrooms are a versatile veggie that make for delicious holiday dishes. From tasty starters to decadent entrees, mushrooms elevate seasonal recipes with ease. 

We rounded up our favorite show-stopping appetizers to ensure you arrive at every holiday party with an irresistible dish to share. 

Holiday Must-Have Recipes

Mushroom Bruschetta Bites

Mushroom Bruschetta Bites
Provide a gluten-free option by using mushrooms in place of bread for these easy mushroom bruschetta bites.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Baby Bella Bacon Bits

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with “Baby Bella” Bacon Bits
Bacon and Brussels sprouts are a classic combination but in this meatless recipe, slow-roasted crimini mushrooms play the savory bacon role.

Oyster Mushroom Toast

Oyster Mushroom Toast
Add a pop of color to the appetizer spread with these bite-size toasts. Rich oyster mushrooms are combined with creamy ricotta and sweet cherry tomatoes and sprinkled with lemon dressed microgreens for a refreshing finish.

Savory Baked Brie Crispy Mushrooms

Savory Baked Brie with Crispy Mushrooms
Let your guests munch on this quick and indulgent appetizer while you put the finishing touches on the meal.

Sauteed Mushroom and Brie pastry

Mushroom and Brie Puff Pastry Bites
These flaky puff pastry bites are bursting with gooey Brie and sauteed mushrooms and seasoned with a comforting blend of spices. Need we say more?

The Blend

Lamb and Mushroom Blended Meatballs

Lamb and Mushroom Blended Meatballs
These aren’t your average meatballs. Chopped mushrooms keep them juicy while a blend of aromatic herbs and rice add flavor and tenderness to each bite. The cucumber yogurt dipping sauce adds a tangy twist.

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