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The Most Popular Mushroom Recipes of 2022

Fans and Followers at Favored Warmth and Nourishment Year-Round

Dec. 13, 2022 –  According to the New York Times, mushrooms are the 2022 “Ingredient of the Year.” But while mushrooms are the “it” ingredient, what recipes are home cooks making with them the most?

According to the Mushroom Council®, which represents fresh mushroom producers nationwide, it’s nourishing soups and sauces, and warm, hearty mains.

Over the past year, visitors to perused hundreds of original and shoppable recipes showcasing mushrooms’ always in-season flavor and versatility, from delicious umami indulgences to nutritious dishes that play a role in feeding the immune system.

Whether the recipe was for breakfast or dinner, simple or complex, blended with protein or made center of the plate, fans made mushrooms the star in their kitchens in 2022. As the year draws to a close, the Mushroom Council shares the top five most accessed recipes on its site:

  1. Easy Mushroom Soup

This quick and delicious recipe can be made in under 30 minutes without cream or milk. A mix of butter and flour thicken chicken stock and creates a velvety soup without being too heavy. The combination of crimini and white button mushrooms add earthy notes that work well with the rich broth.

  1. Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms aren’t simply tossed into this tasty pasta dish. They are infused directly into the sauce. A mix of butter, onion, garlic, baby bella mushrooms and cream creates the perfect sauce to add to pappardelle pasta.

  1. Mushroom Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy

A 25/75 mushroom-meat blend is the perfect consistency to elevate the classic meatloaf dish. Button mushrooms and your choice of protein are blended to create the meatloaf and baked for 45 minutes. Once baked, this delicious meatloaf is topped with savory crimini mushroom gravy.

  1. Creamy Spinach, Mushroom & Lasagna Soup

All the comforting flavors of lasagna with less work! This unique lasagna soup is packed with selenium superstars crimini mushrooms, vitamin C rich tomatoes and spinach, and al dente lasagna noodles. A dollop of ricotta and a sprinkle of mozzarella are added for a delicious, nutrient-dense yet still oozing with cheesy goodness weeknight meal.

  1. Trumpet Mushroom “Scallops” with Brown Butter and Thyme

These vegetarian scallops made from cleverly sliced trumpet mushrooms add a creative twist to the typical seafood dish. The mushroom “scallops” are browned and cooked until tender. A drizzle of nutty, caramelized brown butter and vibrant thyme send them over the top.

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About the Mushroom Council:

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