Winning Game Day Hacks


Fall has officially started, meaning football season is in full swing. 🏈 From cheering your team on from the couch or tailgating with friends and family, these are some game-day essentials that can’t be forgotten, no matter where you’re tuning in.

Fun, spirited decor
Decorate your living room, patio or vehicle to show off your team pride. Think team banners, flags and themed cups and plates to make snacking and sipping even better.

Your favorite team’s gear
Because watching the game is always more fun when you have a team T-shirt or jersey on.

A selection of ice cold beverages
Don’t go thirsty. Instead, make sure you have a selection of beverages at hand.

Food that will score big with family and friends
Everyone knows a delicious spread of food is essential to any successful game day. Whether enjoyed on their own or blended into ground meat, mushrooms deliver a cravable umami flavor sure to elevate your snack spread.

Discover a new recipe your crowd will cheer for using some of our favorite game day hacks.

Mushroom Pizza Rolls

Pizza is a classic game-day meal. Take it to the next level by making homemade dough and filling with pizza sauce, mozzarella and white button mushrooms for handheld rolls.

Game Day Hack: Use store bought crescent rolls in place of homemade dough.

Mushroom & Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

Feeling crunched on time before guests arrive and the game starts? These Mushroom & Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños can be prepped and baked in a mere 35 minutes.

Game Day Hack: Take this app to the next level by wrapping jalapeños with bacon or prosciutto before baking.

Slow Cooker Barbecue Mushrooms

Pop mushrooms and homemade sauce into the slow cooker before the game for a delicious appetizer that’s ready by half time.

Game Day Hack: Use your favorite premade BBQ sauce in place of homemade, and offer toothpicks in place of forks for less cleanup.

Turkey & Mushroom BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

A blend of lean ground turkey and finely chopped white button mushrooms is a savory, satisfying filling that’s perfect for tender sweet potatoes.

Game Day Hack: Skip the oven and simply microwave the potatoes until tender.

Find more game-day approved recipes here!

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