Why We’re Thankful for Mushrooms

As we enjoy this last month of fall, days are getting cooler, football season is in full swing and comfort food reigns in the kitchen. It’s also a time to give thanks. With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re taking time to reflect on everything we are thankful for, especially mushrooms.

Why are we thankful for mushrooms?

  • We’re thankful for variety. There are so many cultivated varieties to explore. From classic criminis to the fun and funky maitake, there’s a mushroom variety for everyone! Which new variety are you inspired to try this season?
  • We’re thankful for nutrition in every bite. Mushrooms contain immune-supporting vitamins and nutrients, including selenium and vitamin D.
  • We’re thankful for delicious meals throughout the day. Mushrooms can be enjoyed any time of day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snack time, mushrooms are a great choice during any mealtime.
  • We’re thankful for budget-friendly solutions. Mushrooms can help extend portions with The Blend™. Finely chopped mushrooms match the texture and consistency of ground meat, meaning they can seamlessly blend into your favorite holiday recipes.
  • We’re thankful for Earth-friendly options. Mushrooms are one of the most sustainably-produced foods in the United States. Since mushrooms are grown indoors, they require little room, no light and a fraction of water inputs to grow. Healthy on the plate, gentle on the planet!

Give thanks and elevate holiday dishes this season by adding mushrooms to the mix.

Fall Mushroom Dishes for Giving Thanks

Mushroom Gravy

A Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without gravy! This recipe uses vegetable broth and two mushroom varieties, making it a tasty plant-forward option.

Sausage & Mushroom Stuffing

Made with a blend of ground mild Italian sausage and finely diced shiitake mushrooms, this stuffing is the perfect sidekick for classic holiday dishes.

Herb Roasted Mushrooms

Take sides to the next level with these easy Herb Roasted Mushrooms.

Leftover Stuffing Mushroom Strata

Leftovers have never been so delicious! Repurpose leftover Thanksgiving stuffing by adding pancetta, crimini mushrooms and eggs for a flavorful brunch strata.


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