The Blend Spotlight: What’s the right ratio?

Blending Mushrooms and Meat

Your search for more nutritious, sustainable and flavorful meals led you to The Blend. Great choice! But now you’re wondering, “What’s the right ratio of mushrooms to meat?” The truth is, there’s more than one way to blend. In fact, you can adjust the ratio to whatever consistency suits your mood. Maybe you want to load up on mushrooms and maximize that undeniably earthy flavor or maybe you’d prefer to let the meat take center stage. Either way, blending finely chopped mushrooms with your ground meat will reduce calories, fat and sodium while adding important nutrients like potassium and vitamin D.

Ready to blend? Pick your ground meat of choice, from beef to turkey or even lamb or bison and get started with our ratio suggestions below. Feel free adjust until you find the perfect balance for you.

25% Mushrooms

For grilled burgers or oven-cooked meatballs and meatloaf, a 25/75 mushroom-meat blend provides the perfect, juicy consistency while keeping the structure on point.

Mighty Mushroom Blended Burger

Recipe: Mighty Mushroom Blended Burger

50% Mushrooms

For ground meat dishes like tacos, burritos and sloppy joes, a 50/50 mushroom-meat blend amplifies flavor and enhances texture.

Blended Tacos

Recipe: 5/50 Blended Tacos 

75% Mushrooms

A 75/25 mushroom-meat blend makes a healthy, hearty base for one-pot meals like chilis, sauces and more.

Blended Pasta Sauce

Recipe: Blended Pasta Sauce

Which ratio is calling your name? Snap a pic of your next blended dish and share with us on social using #blenditarian!

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