5 Ways to Make the Most of Summer

Summer is just about here, folks! While this one may look different, there are still plenty of good times and good food ahead for us. Here are five ways to make the most of summer 2020.

1. Maximize Your Grill

We all love the grill for its ability to put that smokey, charred flavor on burgers, steaks and chicken breasts but there’s so much more the grill can do. Unlock the limitless possibilities by grilling up fruits and vegetables, like mushrooms. Try new tools and techniques like smoker boxes for added flavor, foil packs for some good camp-like meals or a cast-iron skillet for delicious grilled desserts and more. Plus, what better way to spend Father’s Day than by the grill? 

2. Indulge in Summer Flavors

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still cook like you do. Take advantage of every seasonal fruit and veggie available to create fresh, indulgent recipes that feed your body and your soul.

3. Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

We’ve already spent a lot of time at home, but now’s the time to maximize your space for a new season. Turn your house into your summertime sanctuary by rearranging, reorganizing and filling it with the smells of seasonal comfort food. 

4. Plan Backyard Everything

Now that you have your indoors set up for summer, take advantage of every square foot of your outdoor space and get creative with your backyard activities. Try outdoor movie nights, pitch a tent for a backyard camping adventure, roast mushrooms or marshmallows over your fire pit, or take lunch outside for a good ol’-fashioned picnic

5. Commit to New Experiences

There’s plenty of adventure to be had right at home so commit to trying something new every week. A new recipe. A new ingredient. A new mushroom variety. A new takeout joint. Write down all the “new things” you explore so you can look back and see all you discovered this season! 

Jump into summer with these fresh, tasty recipes sure to bring some extra sunshine to your plate.

Sensational Summer Recipes

Grilled Mushroom Cobb Salad

No meat? No problem! Mushrooms make a great meaty alternative. Slice up a portabella, toss it on the grill and enjoy it atop this delicious Cobb salad.

Surf and Turf Shrimp Portabella Fajitas

Enjoy the best beachy, summertime flavors in one easy recipe. We’re talking peppers, avocado, shrimp, portabellas, pico de gallo, mango pineapple salsa and more!

Mushroom Egg Salad

Whether picnicking outside or lunching indoors, this Mushroom Egg Salad will bring you a comforting meal in just a few easy steps.

Mushroom and Chive Potato Salad

This versatile potato salad is perfect for backyard everything. Picnics. Barbecues. Dinner alfresco. Whip up a batch and head outside.

Sautéed Beech Mushrooms in Chili Oil

Ever cooked with beech mushrooms? Try something new by adding these sauteed beech mushrooms to your grilled steak for a healthy topping with a little kick.

Blended Turkey with Avocado Mushroom Burger

Don’t forget to enter the Blended Burger Contest by June 30! Create your own original blended burger recipe like this blended turkey burger, using at least 25% mushrooms in the patty for a chance to win $10k!

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