Gone Camping (With Mushrooms!)

Going camping? 🏕️Take these recipes with you!

It may be August, but we’re going to make summer last as long as we can. Getting outdoors, safely distanced from others, has been a refreshing reprieve from these long months spent inside our homes. Hiking, camping, walking, biking and picnicking have been keeping us sane this summer so let’s make the most of the season we have left. 

If you have a camping trip coming up (or now suddenly have the urge to plan one), we pulled some packable, easy-to-make-at-the-campsite recipes so you’ll have nutritious options to fuel your adventure. Of course, all of these tasty recipes contain the mighty mushroom. It’s fat free, low in sodium and contains important nutrients likeB vitamins and selenium to help support your active body while you’re out exploring.

Eager to hit the trails? Pack your tent, grab some fresh mushrooms and get gone camping!

Campfire Mushrooms

sauteed mushrooms
It’s no surprise this is our most popular camping recipe because it’s so simple, so delicious and cooked easily on a cast iron pan over a fire. A serving of this mushroom medley will make your fire-cooked meals taste gourmet.

White Bean Dip with Mushrooms

mushroom dip
Whether snacking in the car or at the campsite, this tasty bean dip makes for a satisfying bite between meals. Served chilled, it’s a great dish to have on hand in the cooler!

Maitake Wild Rice Salad

mushroom salad
This chilled salad is another packable recipe that can be enjoyed whenever you need a boost of energy. With wholesome, filling ingredients, it will taste as fresh and earthy as your surroundings.

Teriyaki Portabella Mushroom Kabobs

Kabobs are a super simple grilling option. Assemble the skewers beforehand, then store them in the cooler and plop them on your grill or cooking grate when you’re ready to enjoy them! The best part about kabobs? They’re limitlessly customizable, which is perfect for families with picky eaters.

Shiitake Mushroom Ramen To-Go

mushroom ramen
For a hassle-free lunch or dinner, prep these ramen mason jars to take along. Keep them safe in the cooler, then simply boil some water when you’re ready to enjoy the healthy meal.

Asian Mushroom Chicken Patties

mushroom blended patties
To keep things as safe and mess-free as possible, these burgers work best if blended beforehand, but they’re well worth the forethought. With patties prepped and safely stored, you’ll have a protein-packed meal ready to hit the grill whenever your crew gets hungry.

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