Meatless Mushroom Meals Made Easy

Portabella Burgers

Mushrooms and meat make a great pairing – just look at The Blend™! But if you follow a vegetarian diet or are trying to go meatless a few days a week, mushrooms make a great “meaty” meal in many ways. 

Despite being a healthy veggie, mushrooms have a meat-like taste and texture. You’ve probably heard us mention their umami flavor before. Umami is one of the five basic tastes alongside sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami is an irresistible savory taste found in cheeses, fish, cooked meats and, of course, mushrooms.  

When finely chopped, mushrooms can be used like ground meat for meals like tacos, spaghetti and meatloaf. Grilled portabella caps make for a healthy burger patty and crimini mushrooms blended with beans and other veggies can be breaded, baked and enjoyed like chicken nuggets. 

From Meatless Mondays to Meatless Fridays, snag some fresh mushrooms on your next grocery run and give these meatless mushroom meals a try!

For Breakfast

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burritos

Power Bowl

Power Breakfast Bowl

For Lunch

Portabella Burgers

Portabella Burgers

Steak Sandwich

Mushroom “Steak” Sandwich with Whiz

For In Between

Portabella Satay

Portabella Satay

Lentil Mushroom Meatballs

Mushroom Lentil “Meatballs”

For Dinner

Mushroom Tacos

Chipotle Tacos

Crimini Nuggets

Crimini “Chicken” Nuggets

Hungry for more? Explore more meatless mushroom recipes here.

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